Case Studies

Client A

The Discover “E” project was developed by Pentra Services to assist disadvantaged people in finding suitable employment. This innovative approach has been designed to help candidates access the “hidden job market” using social media tools. The aim of the project is to move those taking part from unemployment into either further learning, part or full-time employment, voluntary positions where they can gain useful experience or self-employment.

“It has helped my confidence and I feel less stressed out by the prospect of interviews, I am also now considering voluntary work options as a way of gaining employment”.

Client A

Client background and ambitions

Client A was unemployed and actively seeking work. Based in a rural location and requiring public transportation, Client A had become increasingly despondent regarding finding employment and felt these limitations were affecting her chances of success. The client’s aim was to secure herself a full-time position that took into consideration her limitations regarding travel restrictions.

Expert assistance from Pentra Services

Using one-to-one tutoring, Pentra Services worked intensively with Client A. Over the carefully crafted four-week programme, Client A learned a new selection of skills and different approaches to discovering employment opportunities, building up both confidence and self-esteem first, Client A’s tutor also assisted with more practical aspects, including making applications and interview techniques. Career plans were mapped out and strategies using the avenue of social media were engaged.

Working for a successful outcome

The programmes proved to have a highly beneficial impact on Client A. She felt her confidence was restored and this increased self-belief was bolstered by seeing possible employment options open to her. With bespoke support from Pentra Services, Client A was able to identify and apply for several job vacancies in her area. After completing the programme, Client A successfully found employment close to her home in at the One Stop Shop in Helsby, Cheshire.

Client B

Pentra services created the Discover “E” project to help disadvantaged individuals struggling to find work opportunities for meaningful employment. This contemporary initiative has been developed to assist people to access the “hidden job market” making use of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The project’s goal is to guide unemployed candidates as they make a start on their career path, whether it’s in part-time or full-time work, self-employment or even further learning to gain essential skills.

Client history

Unemployed Client B had been unable to secure full- or part-time work, and could not see how to change his present situation.

Specialist guidance from Pentra Services

Employing bespoke tutoring, Pentra Services showed Client B new approaches to finding employment he had previously not considered. Client B was shown how to create both Facebook and Twitter accounts to seek job vacancies. A Pentra Services tutor worked closely with Client B to build a career development plan and to outline a series of SMART employment goals to map the way. Client B was guided to explore his areas of interest while developing communication skills sought after by today’s employers.

Discovering new directions for a successful future

While the programme did not assist Client B to secure a fixed position of employment, it did help them to assess and better understand his situation. He stated that the project designed by Pentra Services had been relevant to him as it allowed him to identify certain gaps in his skillset needed to gain the type of role he was looking for. He also affirmed that the project had provided a foundation of practical resources he could build on with time. At the conclusion of the four-week programme, Client B made the decision to update his IT abilities in order to enhance his employment prospects, and go on to take an IT course at Chester College.