What we do

At Pentra Services

We understand that everyone can benefit from strong support when making a new start. We offer those struggling to find work an opportunity to learn new skills that will help them succeed in the modern workplace.

Using our extensive experience gained educating and helping the disadvantaged get back to work, we’ve developed a personalised programme that includes mentoring and training combined with a work experience opportunity.

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A firm foundation

We believe that having a solid foundation firmly in place is essential to building any successful future. Our training has been carefully crafted to assist candidates in acquiring work, giving them an improved sense of self and a new set of abilities they can continue to build on.

From practical skills like interview techniques and making applications, to personal assistance with motivation and self-confidence, we help candidates in all aspects of acquiring work. We also offer long-term career advice and guidance on self-employment opportunities.

Building a better future

At Pentra Services, we understand that being able to prove to future employers that you have real experience in your occupation can be invaluable when applying for a position. That’s why our initiative offers not just training, but a foothold in the working world that adds experience to your work record, and a valuable employment reference.

Following our personalised training, we provide candidates with opportunities where they can use their newfound skills in a practical situation. Working with a select list of partners in the local area, we deliver temporary work placements and other opportunities where candidates can gain hands-on experience of using their new capabilities. This intermediate step before full employment is an ideal way to bridge the gap, presenting a sandbox to try out practical and interpersonal skills.

After training and experience have been completed, candidates can then go on to seek meaningful employment in their new chosen profession.

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Call us on 07507 671884 or 07538 047769