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At Pentra Services, we believe that investing in training and experience is the cornerstone of economic generation. It’s our ongoing mission to equip individuals with the necessary skills, both practical and personal, to perform a profession and to provide them with a place where they can apply them.

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Practical and personal

Our initiative has been developed not only to boost the abilities and self-belief of those seeking employment, but to provide a practical approach to work placement with long-reaching benefits to the community.

From using social media and making a career plan, to personal development strategies that build self-esteem and communication skills, our workshops and motivational talks give candidates strong support. After training, we arrange for work opportunities and temporary placements that offer a real-world setting for candidates to test their skills and build experience.

How we help

Teaching skills

We teach people valuable skills required for the workplace

Finding work

We help people find work placements at local businesses

Voluntary positions

We find voluntary positions so people can help others

Placements that spell progress

At Pentra, we believe it’s far easier to find work when you’re already actively employed. With proven experience in a role, candidates can provide a trackable work history complete with an employer’s reference outlining their abilities. After gaining new skills and practical work experience, the people we help can then kick start their new careers in a position of long-term employment.

With an expert understanding acquired working in our sector since 1999, Pentra Services is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to assisting the disadvantaged in crafting new careers. From one-to-one mentoring to bespoke training courses, we work with those struggling in finding long-term unemployment to obtain the essential skills needed to succeed in today’s workplace.

The new knowledge and capabilities attained by our candidates offers them a firm foundation they can then build on when they take on professional roles within an area. Their experience and abilities can then benefit themselves, but also be of value to the wider community they’re a successful part of.

Our Partners

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We teach people valuable skills required for the workplace

Partner 2

We teach people valuable skills required for the workplace

Partner 3

We teach people valuable skills required for the workplace

Social Media Tuition

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Computer Courses
Learning New Skills
Interview Techniques

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